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Best SEO Expert

It’s always been a pride to get ranked for the best SEO expert in USA or best SEO specialist in USA. And, the most important reason is to let the world know that a subject matter expert (SME) in SEO would be able to rank any website in US search results with ease through ethical ranking. Well, that’s called What Hat SEO.

What more prerequisites should I posses to gain your confidence,  other than projecting my real-time proof? Being an SEO expert in USA, especially on local searches, always gives an edge in supporting US-based B2B and B2C companies.

I have worked with small, medium, and large-sized companies across the globe and have helped them generate tons of organic traffic.

And you have been rummaging all over the .com world for the best SEO expert in USA? This is it! Bharathi Giri is not just a name, but the pack up spell for all those strenuous days and nights spent searching for an answer to your SEO related woes. 

Being the best SEO expert in USA, doesn’t mean that we are expensive. We provide affordable SEO service with tailor-made campaigns that suit your online business. 

Services offered by the best SEO expert in USA

Local SEO Services

Local SEO Services helps you attract local customers which are targeted through location-based search results. Local SEO is the best if your focus is...
Local SEO Services

Global SEO Services

Global SEO Services helps you attract worldwide customers. You would be able to provide your services or sell your products to any customer...
Global SEO Services

eCommerce SEO Services

eCommerce SEO Services is tailor-made to promote the products online. We can help you rank your online store on the front page of Google...
eCommerce SEO Services

Mobile SEO Services

Content SEO Services

Multilingual SEO Services

Hire the best SEO Expert In USA

You searched for a good SEO company in USA, but landed on the web page of the best SEO expert in USA?. Well then, now it’s time to say goodbye to those moments which drove you to the verge of desperation; when in spite of all the effort you put into building and fostering your website, all you got in return was pathetic web traffic which doesn’t meet any of your business needs!

By now, if you haven’t still found the solution which could solve all your online web presence, look straight, we are right in front of you…we are the best SEO expert in USA, as well as the leading SEO company in the United States of America.


My clients pay me for the quality service I offer and not for the time I spend. I understand time is money, and I prefer to use my time smarter than longer. Either I work from the office or from home or in a garage while they fix my car or in a coffee shop sipping every idea to promote their business, they have been fine with it. And, I have always delivered more than what they had expected. I don’t wish to get paid for seat warming! “The future lies in flexible work patterns. Apparently, the Corona Virus just proved it”.

Bharathi Giri founder of

Affordable SEO Expert In USA

More traffic, more business, more revenue! Being an affordable SEO expert in USA, that’s our mantra. We offer cost-effective SEO services, which never fail to impress our clients.

Apart from being kind and liberal to your wallet, we paint your website with an attractive coating of SEO techniques such as:

  • Flawless Usage of keywords (right place, right time!)…something which every affordable SEO Company in USA is supposed to do
  • Proper content creation and management, which will lead to more reader engagement
  • Removing every barrier, which might come in the way of indexing activities
  •  Editing and increasing keyword compatibility of HTML, associated coding, etc
  • Personalization and promotion to increase back-links or inbound links
  • Proper management of site crawl-ability, descriptive URLs, site speed, etc

Being an affordable SEO expert in USA who never backs off from his promises and offers all the above, and much more!

Some of the things which our team does to effectively optimize a web page are:

  • Not compromising with the content quality
  • Proper research to keep themselves updated about the latest SEO techniques
  • Keeping an eye on the techniques used by every other top SEO experts in USA
  • Apt insertion of keywords
  • Giving due importance to HTML tags, meta descriptions, etc


Freelance SEO Expert USA

Freelance SEO Expert in USA

Consult with the best SEO specialist in USA

Our role as the best SEO expert in USA

To do what every other top SEO expert in USA does, but more effectively, in a way better than the rest! We do everything within our capacity to make sure that our clients never go red all over their faces. 

And to ensure such a flawless level of client satisfaction; we maintain a highly efficient team of well-experienced SEO professionals, with skill sets that never drop below “extraordinary”!

As a top SEO expert in USA, we can guarantee that our SEO experts will put in every bit of their talent and effort, day and night; so that your website will definitely make a permanent appearance in the first page of every search engine result: GoogleYahooBing, DuckDuckGo, etc.

We also offer Social Media Services, Google Display Ads, Branding, Content Writing, Online Reputation Management, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

To choose the best SEO expert in USA is easy, but to choose an efficient one needs some brain racking. Here is a mandatory checklist for the companies in US, to ensure that the SEO agency in USA you have picked up can give you flawless services:

  • The SEO expert in USA you select should have a strong team of SEO experts, with a minimum of 2 years experience in their field
  • A flawless track record of providing high quality services to the clients is a must
  • Cheap and punctual make a good mix, when it comes to choosing a professional SEO Specialist in USA
  • Reliability: The SEO expert in USA you are considering should have the capability to be responsive and sensitive to your queries and SEO related needs, 24/7
  • A wide range of services on the platter, so that you don’t have to run from pillar to post, searching for another SEO Company in USA for additional services
  • Professional and legally acceptable way of functioning
  • The professionals at the SEO agency in USA you choose should be up to date, with the latest SEO techniques around

There’s much more you should be aware of, before choosing the services of an SEO expert in USA. But to begin with, the above mentioned checklist would just do fine.

And if you were wondering, where one can find an SEO expert in USA which fits in the slot, we suggest you to take a look at

There are many SEO specialist in USA, but the one who has an added advantage over search engine ranking pages (SERP) is Bharathi Giri. Bharathi Giri (BG) is not only a SEO specialist in USA, but also the leading Digital Marketing Expert

Be it branding services, social media services, Google Adwords, Online Reputation Management, Advertising and Content Writing Services, etc, the SEO specialist in USA would be able to meet and excel in all these requirements. 

The reason why you are searching for a freelance SEO specialist in USA is to find a SEO expert who would be able to offer you his SEO expertise at an affordable price.  Bharathi Giri is one of the top freelance SEO specialist in USA with proven track record. 

Why shouldn’t you. You are reading this for the fact that you found me online for the keywords like: Best SEO expert in USA, Best SEO specialist in USA, Freelance SEO expert in USA, Best SEO Company in USA.

If I am able to get ranked for all these keywords with ease, I should be able to rank your keywords as well. Partner with me, and i ensure that your website gets ranked in the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo, etc.

That depends on the list and type of keywords you wish to get ranked in If it is a generic keyword with very high competition, it would take a minimum of 6 months. Whereas, if those are long tail and location specific, then it would take a minimum of 3 months. 

However, being the best SEO specialist in USA we understand the importance of working on the clients websites as long as possible. Reason being, the moment we stop working, the organic rankings might come down with time. 

Dial our Toll Free number or drop in a mail at, and you can get a wide range of SEO services done efficiently from Bharathi Giri, a cheap SEO Company in USA, known for offering the best services around.

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) is all about letting the world know that you exist, and for a good reason! To put things in formal terms, every professional SEO expert in USA uses various time-tested and foolproof techniques, to pull up your web site towards the top portion of search engine ranking pages (SERP). Usually, a professional SEO Company in USA depends heavily on sources such as “free”, “editorial”, “natural” and “organic” listings on Google, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, etc and the like; to channelize web traffic to their clients’ websites.


Of course, a professional SEO expert in USA can easily boost your business (whatever trade you may be into…be it selling Microsoft shares, or selling one of those yummy chocolate chip cookies!), and revenue in turn.

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