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Becoming the best SEO expert in Chennai would be a million dollar dream in the digital marketing industry, for the reason that it has a high monthly search volume. And most importantly, it shows that you are the best of the best in the Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERP) like Google, Bing, duckduckgo and Yahoo

If an digital marketer fails to rank for the best SEO expert in Chennai keyword, shouldn’t that be your concern for associating with the so-called SEO experts?

If you are a business entrepreneur and reading this blog, we are confident that you are taking up your business seriously. Reason being, people who search for the best SEO expert in Chennai or who is the best SEO expert in Chennai, are someone who values their online presence a lot and to outsmart all your online competition.

Best SEO Expert In

In spite of being the best SEO consultant in Chennai, Bharathi Giri provides his SEO consulting at an affordable cost. We do not have a fixed SEO package. We tailor-make every campaign based on your requirements and the cost would vary based on them. 

Services offered by the best SEO expert in India

Local SEO Services

Local SEO Services helps you attract local customers which are targeted through location-based search results. Local SEO is the best if your focus is...
Local SEO Services

Global SEO Services

Global SEO Services helps you attract worldwide customers. You would be able to provide your services or sell your products to any customer...
Global SEO Services

eCommerce SEO Services

eCommerce SEO Services is tailor-made to promote the products online. We can help you rank your online store on the front page of Google...
eCommerce SEO Services

Top 5 reasons to hire the best SEO expert in India

SEO is a skill that can be mastered only with time and perseverance. And, it cannot be done without understanding the SERP algorithms and its crawlers in detail. Besides, Google tends to update their algorithm more frequently. Earlier days, they used to let the public know about their change in algorithm. But, lately, they keep it a secret.

However, the best SEO expert in India like Bharathi Giri would be able to decode their algorithm and use that to rank his client’s websites on the top page of Google.

We as a team of best SEO experts in Chennai have a wide range of experience worked for most of the industries. Be it Art & Design, Education, Fashion & Apparel, Food & Nutrition, Finance & Accounting, Healthcare, Hospitality, Digital Marketing, Sports & Fitness, Technology, Travel, and Manufacturing, etc.

Having relevant SEO experience in the same domain is an added advantage we possess and the same can be implemented for your business with enhanced latest SEO strategies and techniques.

We would be able to build an online empire for your business, which can eventually generate a lot of leads and revenue on a daily basis. And only when we have a strong online presence, we would be able to replicate the same for your business as well.
We are not only the best SEO expert in Chennai, but also the best Social Media expert in Chennai. As well as digital marketing. Be it, Google Ads, PPC, Online Reputation Management, Branding, etc. We are pioneers in it.

Unlike others, we do not offer the cheapest SEO package in Chennai. But we offer affordable SEO package. Most importantly, we do not have a fixed price slab like other SEO experts in Chennai. We still wonder how in the world can one come up with a fixed price structure for SEO works.

For example, A generic keyword would require a lot of understanding, time, and the SEO execution to get ranked on the front page of Google. Whereas, a long tail keyword can be ranked in the blink of an eye.

So without understanding your business needs, competition, or keyword analysis, it would be highly impossible for the “best SEO expert in Chennai” to give a quote.

When it comes to business, it’s obvious that you would prefer to project yourself as a pioneer in your trade. After all, everyone works hard to generate revenue. Be it the employer or the employee. Money matters when it comes to business.
And when you want to be the #1 in your online business, you should hire the #1 SEO expert in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, to help you achieve that desired position.

Best SEO Expert In Chennai & Top SEO Strategist in India

SEO is one skill that I love the most. It gives me an adrenal rush when I outsmart most of the leading SEO companies who have been in this industry for a very long time. I was a self-taught person, I had learned SEO the hard way. I had invested a lot of time and money in order to understand the nitty-gritty of SEO.  The only mantra to stay on top of the SERP is … 

Bharathi Giri founder of
Leading Digital Marketing Expert In India

Ethical White Hat SEO Expert in Chennai

Bharathi Giri is one of the leading SEO experts in Chennai to offer top quality ethical SERP services. We as a team of SEO Experts would be able to rank any keyword of your choice, be it any location, local or global, we would be able to rank your website on the front page of Google.

And with the guidance of the best SEO expert in Chennai– Bharathi Giri, we would be able to achieve your website ranking purely through ethical White Hat methods, which are indeed liked by Search Engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo!

To our understanding, the majority of the customers across nations, approach us with their preset of Keywords in mind. Before we start our campaign with them, we also suggest them with additional keywords which can bring more traffic to their websites and in turn could generate a lot of revenue.

To become the best SEO expert in Chennai was a cakewalk for Bharathi Giri as he understands Google algorithms better than any other so-called ” SEO experts”. Without breaking the SERP rules nor spamming the page, we were able to rank for the best SEO expert in Chennai within a short period.

There could be other SEO Service providers in Chennai, who often show keyword ranking references of their previous works done for their customers. But honestly, we don’t do it! Just for the reason, that you have already found us through Search Engine! And moreover, we strictly comply with the Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA), refer to our Privacy Policy for further details.

Top SEO Consultant in Tamil Nadu

Top SEO Consultant in India

Partner with the best SEO Expert in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Strategies of Best SEO Expert in Chennai

There are different strategies followed by different SEO experts in Chennai. White Hat SEO experts are different from Black Hat SEO experts, though the objective is to rank on the front page of Google, the protocol followed will vary from expert to expert. Herewith Bharathi Giri – the best SEO expert in Chennai, let’s understand his SEO strategies.

Once when the client gets on board, we would roll out a brainstorming session to understand the client’s need, market focus, geographical and demographical focus, their online competition, keyword analysis, website analysis, content analysis, social media strength, turn-around-time (TaT) and much more. And based on these detailed analyses, we would be able to provide a clear roadmap for ranking in the top page of Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERP).

After our brainstorming session with the clear roadmap ahead, the job would be divided between our task force team to make the process easier and much faster. Website design and development team would take care of your website and content writing experts would take care of your website content, etc.

Having the most attractive website in the world wouldn’t make any sense without its web security. Having a valid Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is very essential for the safety of your website as well as for your website viewers. Google, gives priority for websites with HTTPS. Hence we ensure all our customer’s websites are secured, to begin with

The best SEO expert in Chennai would know how to optimize for both the man and machine. The challenge here is to optimize the website which is very user friendly and informative for your visitors as well as to give access to bots to crawl your website now and then. If either one of it fails, then your website would not be visible even on Google’s last page. To do that, our SEO experts follow SEO optimized Titles, H1, H2, H3 Tags, Meta description, Schema Markups, Sitemaps, well defined robot.txt file, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bharathi Giri is one of the best SEO experts in Chennai to offer ethical white-hat SEO services at a premium price, Bharathi Giri has broken all the stereotype SEO strategies and has outranked most of the leading SEO experts in Chennai, who had been in the online business for more than a decade.

Best SEO Expert in Chennai is Bharathi Giri

Unlike other SEO experts, we do not offer unrealistic extended business projections. Our minimum contract period is 6 months. But, that may differ from business to business. Please register below to get partnered with the best SEO expert in Chennai.

SEO is a skill which anyone can learn, but, the SEO strategic planning is an art and it would take a few years to master it. Moreover, you will have to think, eat and sleep SEO to become the best SEO expert in Chennai. 

That really depends up on the nature of business and the keywords used for generating traffic. If it is a long tail keyword like with less competition, you can probably rank your website within a month and if it is generic keyword with high cost per click (CPC), then it might take more time. 

The ranking depends on the keywords your prefer to rank.

White Hat SEO expert is someone who does ethical SEO business, meaning, the individual strictly follows Google’s guidelines and do not practice any alternative tricky methods to rank the website, well that’s what a Black Hat SEO Experts in India would do. 


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