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Online reputation management (ORM) is all about “online reviews”. The after-effects of a customer who has done business with you. Be it a product or a service they had purchased. Businesses in India have started realizing the impacts these negative reviews could cause on their brands. 

Just because of negative reviews there were many businesses that had failed to attract more customers. After all, the success of a business is evaluated based on the number of customers they have. When there are too many unhappy customers, it is an alert that their product or services offered aren’t good enough. 

Online reputation management is a great tool in order to address your customer’s concerns. Almost every business in the world will have a certain amount of negative reviews, and it is immaterial of how best and good your product or service is. And these kinds of negative online reviews can be easily monitored and addressed appropriately so that it doesn’t affect your business. 

Partner with Bharathi Giri the best online reputation management expert in India would take care of all your customer’s concerns.

We have helped many industries like hospitality, hotel, travel, e-commerce stores, healthcare, educational institutions, and much more in solving their customer’s acquisitions.


Types of online reputation management services

Online Reviews

Social Media Management

Search Engine Optimization

Content Removal

Spam Bots

Negative SEO

Freedom of speech: Online reputation management

According to the Indian Constitutional Article 19(1)(a), it says that the citizens of India have the right to freedom of speech and expression. So, addressing all the negative reviews comes with great challenges and expertise. And only the best online reputation management expert will be able to address them appropriately using the best ORM strategies so that we control what our users see online.


Search Engine Optimization Vs Online Reputation Management

Get your website ranked on top of search engine ranking pages like Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, etc.

Get ranked for multiple keywords of business and ensure that you slowly improve those rankings in search results.

Black Hat SEO hurts your website and brand

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process which will help your website get ranked faster as well as it helps in sustaining the ranked website for a longer time.

Writing professional content will help your customer understand in detail about your products and services. And also, it will help them make an educated decision. But most importantly, the quality of your content represents your brand and business. Ensure it is professional and well written.

When your website is ranking on the top of search engine ranking pages (SERP), ensure that it is filled with all positive reviews.

ORM is also about positive feedbacks. Ensure, that you get positive feedback from your happy customers.

Likewise, even fake positive reviews will affect your business.

Online reputation management is also an ongoing monotonous process, which will help us find any negative reviews posted at the earliest and address them appropriately.

Mind what you reply to any negative customer. Addressing them appropriately with the required information on their concern should be your top priority. The more professional and timely you are, the less impact it would create on their negative reviews. Any harsh or rude reply would create further damage to your business.

Let the experts handle your online reputation management

Handling online reputation management and monitoring the negative reviews, negative SEO, search engine management, social media management, removing negative content from other third-party review sites,  on a daily basis is one monotonous process that involves manpower and a great deal of quality time. Help us, help you handle all your online brand concerns. So that you can focus on your core competency while we take care of your haters.

Online Reputation Management Experts Defends Your Reputation

Online review management can be used for both, boosting your digital presence as well as addressing negative feedbacks. Certain companies though they offer good products or services, they fail to get the publicity. Most of the customers do informed purchase. Meaning, they tend to read reviews before buying your products or services.

By partnering with the online reputation management expert like us, we conduct campaigns  and  approach those customers requesting for their honest review in online platforms. As a token of gratitude, we ensure that the customer gets a good discount when they purchase from us again. 

And these positive reviews will also eventually help your business rank higher in search results. 

For the customers who had given negative reviews due to the poor service or feedback. We address these customers in a professional manner to sort their problem as much as possible and to find an amicable solution. 

In the worst case scenario, if the customer doesn’t agree, we ensure that the percentage of negative reviews are comparatively smaller. It’s obvious that no company would get a 100/100 positive reviews.

Social media management is another important task that has to be monitored very closely. When your social media business page is not managed properly, it could create a drastic impact on your business and brand. Managing social media platforms and engaging your customers online would not only help your business but also helps you in establishing brand identity and reputation.

Why should you monitor social media business accounts?

If you fail to engage your customers online, your competitors will. And moreover, it will help you address all the concerns and queries immediately. The faster the turn-around-time(TaT), the greater the positive impact it will create on your customer. Customer care has to be the core focus of any business. When your customer is happy, that’s when you will be happy in terms of business and revenue.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process that is predominantly used to rank your website on the front page of Google, Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo. By optimizing your website for search engines, your website gets to higher than all your competitions. 

What good would your website do on the first page of search engines, if it doesn’t carry good reviews? 

This is when we as a digital marketing expert come into action. We help your website rank higher as well as we ensure that all the negative reviews which you have in the search result pages are pushed to the last page of search results. 

And why would we do that? 

That is because 80% of the customers make an informed decision within the first page of their keyword search and the remaining 20% tends to go to the 2nd page to make up their mind. 

When there is a negative review for a particular keyword of your business, we ensure that we push that review as much as to the lowest page possible by boosting all positive reviews.

Partner with the leading online reputation management expert and build your customers with confidence. 


Content removal requires deformation through the legal process or we can take it up directly with the owner of the review site and request them to remove the negative reviews or hate speech etc. 

Approaching them with the required proof should make them take an informed decision.

You know something, the food bloggers can be sued now for bad reviews. 

Online Reputation Management: Frequently Asked Questions

Online reputation management is process through which you monitor and address all your business reviews, be it positive or negative reviews. These reviews could be visible in any of the online platforms like Facebook,, etc. So monitoring them on a daily basis requires manpower and time. 

Online reputation management companies like SEOtial would take care of all your customers concerns on a priority basis, so that those reviews stops bothering new prospects.

It will to a great extent. Imagine, you have a good customer base. And there is a great demand for your product or service. When there are fake reviews or negative reviews which you fail to watch it on time. Any new customer would definitely hesitate to buy your service or product. Because, the first thing, what a customer would see is about the number customers would had purchased and the star ratings you have received.

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