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Bharathi Giri is Mumbai’s leading digital marketing specialist. He has lent his expertise to a number of companies in and around Mumbai. Digital marketing is the most cost-effective marketing tool available, capable of driving significant traffic, business, and new consumers to your website. This is one of the primary reasons that independent, medium, and big global corporations contribute a majority of their marketing expenditure to digital marketing in particular. And only the best digital marketing specialist in Mumbai will be able to perform it successfully. Marketing expenses associated with promoting the products or services will provide a sizable return over time. The era of traditional commercial promotion through television, radio, and newspapers has passed us by. You are living in the twenty-first century, when almost 93 percent of the world owns a smartphone.

The six key benefits of digital marketing are low costs, targeted demographics, instant conversions, user experiences, identity retention, and brand creation.

 And this is something which you will not be able to get through traditional marketing. But rather, it is too very expensive to promote. Be it TV Commercials, Theater Advertisements, or in Print Ads, it is always a one-way communication. You would not be able to filter your audience through their interest, age group, gender, interests, and much more. And the worst part is, the conversion does not happen immediately.

Types of Digital Marketing Expertise by Bharathi Giri

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Digital Marketing SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization

India has a total of 627 million internet users. Out of which, 87% of the people are daily users. The main reason why SEO is important because, Google has 98.12% of the Indian search engine market. If you want to be popular online, especially in Google search results, it is important to optimize your website/eCommerce platform. Partner with   Bharathi Giri, Mumbai's best digital marketing expert.

Digital Marketing Social Media Services

Social Media Marketing

Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube all contribute significantly to consumer acquisition. With Social Media, conversions are nearly instantaneous. Why Do You Use Social Media? In India, 90.36% of registered internet users use Facebook on a daily basis. If you do not socially engage with your clients, your rivals will! Team up with the leading digital marketing expert in Mumbai.

Digital Marketing Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Services

By using a reputable email marketing service, you can ensure a high return on investment on all of your marketing campaigns. There are several robust email marketing applications available online. And only the best digital marketing specialist in Mumbai can understand which strategies are more effective for your niche. Additionally, our digital marketing expert will be able to personalize each email.

Digital Marketing Content Writing Services

Content Writing Services

If you want to succeed as an online entrepreneur, you must inspire both man and machine, and both love reading/crawling. The easiest way to please Google is to post as much technical material as possible on your website. Additionally, it must entice the readers to continue reading. As a leading digital marketing expert in Mumbai, we employ the industry's best SEO Content Writers.

Digital Marketing Advertising Services

Digital Advertising

Google AdWords, Facebook Advertisements, Instagram Ads, or YouTube are the perfect paid advertising digital platforms for any kind of industry. However, only the best digital marketing specialist in Mumbai will be able to recognize the channel that will deliver the highest ROI. The benefit of digital ads is that, it allows you to advertise your business/product to a targeted audience. This increases the chances of hitting the jackpot!

Digital Marketing Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

When it comes to SEO, Google gives priority to mobile indexing first. So having a website that is mobile and user friendly can attract Google rankings as well as the end customer. As mentioned earlier, a business owner is bound to impress the man and machine. Almost 72% of the world's population uses smartphones to browse. Get your responsive mobile-friendly websites from the Mumbai experts.

Digital Marketing Responsive Mobile Websites

Responsive Mobile Websites

When it comes to SEO, Google gives priority to mobile indexing first. So having a website that is mobile and user friendly can attract Google rankings as well as the end customer. As mentioned earlier, a business owner is bound to impress the man and machine. Almost 72% of the world's population uses smartphones to browse. Get your responsive mobile-friendly websites from the Mumbai experts.

Digital Marketing Ecommerce Websites

ECommerce Websites

As an online business owner, you get 8 seconds to impress a viewer. If your e-commerce site isn't user friendly or unsecured. Customers will not hesitate to close it. We have a dedicated website development team to handle all your e-Commerce needs. We have end-to-end solutions for all your requirements. We can create world-class professional Ecommerce websites.

#1 Digital Marketing Expert In Mumbai!

Bharathi Giri

My clients pay me for the quality service I offer and not for the time I spend. I understand time is money, and I prefer to use my time smarter than longer. Either I work from the office or from home or in a garage while they fix my car or in a coffee shop sipping every idea to promote their business, they have been fine with it. And, I have always delivered more than what they expected. I don’t wish to get paid for seat warming! The future lies in flexible work patterns.
Digital Marketing Expert India
Bharathi Giri

Top Digital Marketing Expert In Mumbai

Bharathi Giri has over 15 years of corporate experience in multiple fields, including back office operations, customer support, pre-sales, lead generation, sales and marketing, and business growth.



He has worked in the Financial Sector, Telecom Company, ITeS Companies and finally in Internet Marketing Agency.  Even though customer support, sales and marketing had been his career throughout, his interest in Digital Marketing evolved when he started working with Pixel Studios as a Business Development Manager– one of the leading Internet Marketing Company in North India.

That’s when Bharathi Giri realized his true potential and the flair for Digital Marketing, especially in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing.

When you hire the best digital marketing expert in Mumbai, India, you will have more time to focus on your core business!

With the combined expertise in Sales and Marketing along with Digital Marketing, he started his own Digital Marketing venture in 2012. Since then he had made a strong presence in all online platforms such as Google, Bing & Facebook.

Bharathi Giri has completed his Computer Technology in Tamil Nadu College of Engineering, Coimbatore, India. And also a certified partner of Google and Facebook.

He is one of the top Digital Marketing Experts in Mumbai, India as well as the United States. As mentioned above Sales & Marketing are his core forte. Especially, anything related to online marketing would be his favorite sweet spot.

If there is a change in Google Algorithms, Bharathi Giri would act much faster before any of his SEO competitors. Just not with Google, he is also best in Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, and Instagram. Be it Hospitality, Education, Health, Legal, Jewelry, Boutiques, Consulting, Engineering, Finance, Insurance, Telecom. We would be able to offer you the best services in terms of branding as well as lead generation and sales.

Remember: We are not the cheapest in the market in terms of pricing. But, we can offer you the best services. Would you not be happy to increase your sales by another 30-40% consistently round the year?

Partner With Affordable Digital Marketing Expert In Mumbai

Five Reasons To Partner With Best Digital Marketer In Mumbai

We are not the regular stereotype Digital Marketing service providers to display a fixed price on our website. To our understanding, when it comes to digital marketing there are many aspects to be considered before providing the pricing for our services.

We are not the cheapest in the industry. Expertise comes with a premium! However, we always ensure that you take back at least a minimum of 100% ROI.

It is always wise to get associated with the best in the digital marketing expert in Mumbai. All our services sync with the updated prerequisites of providers, be it Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, or Twitter.

We have a team of digital marketers in Mumbai, who are experts in their particular domains like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Reputation Management, etc. We have all the services under one roof. And our experts are highly professional to the industry standards. 

We always appreciate your time and money invested in us. And, we ensure to return back the good karma to you with more than what you expected. A minimum of 500% ROI is cakewalk when it comes to SEO or Social Media Marketing or Digital Advertisements.

We have more than 100 employees in-house, out of which 20% of experts work on-site. Once you get partnered with Bharathi Giri, you will be provided with a dedicated team to handle your project. And also, you will be assigned a dedicated digital marketing manager as your first point of contact.

Our services are extended to companies in various geography such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE, Singapore, India, New Zealand, South Africa, etc.  So we are bound to work all 24/7/365 days. So, do not hesitate to call us at any time of your convenience.

Get 100% ROI From Leading Digital Marketing Expert In Mumbai

There are many Digital Marketing Experts in Mumbai to offer a wide range of expertise and solutions. Bharathi Giri is one of the Top Digital Marketing Consultants in Mumbai, who can offer affordable Digital Marketing Services while executing the latest Digital Marketing trends to maximize your leads, sales as well as brand recognition.

With Bharathi Giri and his team of digital marketing experts, you will always have the comfort of approaching us like your in-house employee rather than having a setback feeling of the outcome.

We 100% guarantee your return on investment with us. After all, Digital Marketing is our bread and butter.

To answer a few mind voice of yours:

India has excelled as the major IT hub of the world for the past two decades. And most of the Indian’s are tech-savvy. The skill-set we posses are immense and up-to-date. Most importantly, India has the biggest advantage of its wage arbitrage.

India holds the largest active users of Google and Facebook. And Digital Marketing is something in which we can excel at ease. And getting partnered with the best digital marketing expert in Mumbai is something that you cannot resist.

The National Association of Softwares and Services Companies (NASCOM) has reported that more than 70% of the Fortune 500 companies have outsourced to Indian firms. And Digital Marketing is a $100 billion industry.

Though there are other countries like China, the Philippines, and Mexico, etc, India has always been the most favorite destination to outsource ITeS and Digital Marketing Services.

After the deadly Covid19 virus, it has become more evident that India is the most trusted and reliable place to outsource all your digital marketing needs.

Having understood that India is the best place to outsource all your IT and Digital Marketing needs. What stops you from choosing the best in the digital marketing industry? And that too, someone who can offer the services at an affordable cost with a great ROI and promised TAT.

Bharathi Giri and his team are one of the most talented digital marketing experts which you may find in India.

Yes, Bharathi Giri also works as a Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant in Mumbai. Companies who wish to get solutions for all their digital marketing needs can contact him. 

Bharathi Giri also runs a Digital Marketing Agency in India and he is the Founder of SEOtial, Sotialize and – A leading Digital Marketing Company based in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India, with more than 100+ fulltime employees.

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Digital Marketing Reviews
Robert Stuart
Director | Logistics | Georgia
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Bharathi Giri is a very professional digital marketer. With his help, we have increased our ROI way beyond our imagination. If you are looking for SEO & Social Media Marketing - Bharathi Giri and his Company SEOtial would be the best fit!
Dev Dutt
Director - Sales | Automobiles Delhi
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Excellent work by Bharathi Giri and his team! Our conversions through digital marketing platforms, especially through Facebook has reached way beyond our expectations. Now, Bharathi Giri has become our associated partner for digital marketing.
Brenda George
Proprietor | EStore | New York
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Bharathi Giri is the best digital marketer I have ever worked with. It is always a pleasure to outsource all our digital marketing works to SEOtial.
Guru Das
VP - Sales & Marketing | Hospitality | India
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Bharathi Giri is the best in the digital marketing industry. Special thanks to his Project Manager - Neha & Team. You guys are awesome. Very professional and timebound. I am looking forward to getting associated with you guys ASAP 🙂
David Smiles
Amazon Affiliate | UK
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I will partner with Bharathi Giri as long as he doesn't affiliate with Amazon and become my competitor 😉 You guys rock. I never expected such an hike in my Amazon sales right from the day 1. Wow! I have also outsource the backend process to them. Cheers mate!!

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