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A leading digital marketing expert in India. With over 12+ years of relevant experience. Worked with many clients across the globe on a retainer model, project basis, and also as a freelancer. 

Affordable SEO Services in India - Best SEO Service Provider

SEO Services is the key stuff we do and as the best SEO provider, we ensure that we offer affordable SEO services India, under an ensemble of various digital marketing services. It’s a helping hand we extend towards your website and its search engine optimization so that it can scale great heights. Up and above your competitor’s website in the search engine results of popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process to rank your website/e-commerce site higher on SERP results like Google, Bing & Yahoo for free. SEO is an organic process and by optimizing the online and offline presence correctly, the website gets to rank on the first page of Google. As Google dominates most of the Search Engines, it is best advised to strictly follow Google’s algorithm to captivate your online market. According to the statistics, Google does 3.5 million searches per day throughout the world.

SEO can be technically expanded and explained as Search Engine Optimization. Our modern SEO service can be used to drive in more traffic to your website, by using various techniques like internal and external link building, keyword research and usage, etc. The three types of SEO methods one should be acquainted with are: White Hat SEO, Grey Hat SEO, and Black Hat SEO; one is purely ethical, and the other’s are unethical respectively! We religiously follow ethical White Hat SEO Services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process to rank your website/e-commerce site higher on SERP results like Google, Bing & Yahoo for free. SEO is an organic process and by optimizing the online and offline presence correctly, the website gets to rank on the first page of Google. As Google dominates most of the Search Engines, it is best advised to strictly follow Google’s algorithm to captivate your online market. According to the statistics, Google does 3.5 million searches per day throughout the world.

Ranking a website is a tedious task, but an interesting one. We as the best SEO experts in India would be able to rank any given domain on the front page of Google.

We offer affordable SEO services India with guaranteed ROI.

If you wish to acquire a large amount of online traffic to your website, one of the best methods is to optimize the website with the help of Bharathi Giri – The best SEO services provider in India. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be done to attract a worldwide audience or any geography or desired location based on your business interest. SEO will not help your website rank overnight. It’s a tedious process that has to be done for a minimum of 6 months. But the benefits of SEO will be for a longer duration.

"The first page of Google is where your website should be and Bharathi Giri will get you there"

Types of SEO Methods

White Hat SEO

Ethical Organic SEO method, which is by far the most genuine way to get ranked in SERP to rank your website on the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

White Hat SEO

Google loves when your website is optimized 100% based on White Hat SEO techniques. If you please Google then your website will be on the 1st page of SERP.
White Hat SEO Methods

Grey Hat SEO

This method is dubious, though it may follow most of the legal methods and ways to get ranked in SERP. This is a combination of White & Black Hat SEO methods.

Grey Hat SEO

If White Hat SEO is 100% ethical, we could say Grey Hat SEO is 60% ethical. Grey Hat method is used to exploit Google's Algorithm.
White Hat SEO Methods

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is nothing but spamming Google crawlers and bots. This method is widely used by earn and churn websites, who wish to cheat customers.

Black Hat SEO

Through Black Hat SEO, you "might" get your website in a short period of time. But Google will ban your website with time.
Black Hat SEO Methods

Types of Affordable SEO Services In India By Bharathi Giri

On Page SEO Services

We have already seen what SEO is all about. Now to brief about On-page SEO Services, it deals with the idea of boosting search engine rankings, by utilizing everything that is visible on a web page; such as content, title tag, URL, etc. Attractive and linkable content, keyword-rich title tags, flawless internal linking, etc. are among our specialty in this aspect of On-Page SEO Services.

Off Page SEO Services

Off-Page SEO Services is about letting other websites, blogs, forums, relevant domain related websites, social media groups, etc, to know about your website. The objective of Off-Page SEO is all about getting quality and relevant backlinks from the above-mentioned platforms. By doing so, your website will turn into a more authority website with time. It also acts as a branding strategy.

Local SEO Services

Maybe local is not such a bad word, after all!As the name hints at, our Local SEO services will help your website to get visitors from your local area. Most vulnerable ones among the target audience, that’s what Local SEO Services aims at. Taking over the local market has never been so easy. But with the level of expertise we have in Local SEO, you are sure to make it big in the neighborhood.

Global SEO Services

It’s all about optimizing your website to make it stay in the good books of Google. To put it straight, Google SEO Services focuses on techniques that can cleanse your website, and help it stay clear from black hat SEO. This will, in turn, increase your web traffic and search engine ranking, in a steady and sustained manner. Google SEO Services are 100% implemented according to Google Algorithms like Google Panda & Google Penguin.

eCommerce SEO Services

This is the age of online trade, and so, eCommerce websites have great importance in our daily lives. But again, as in the case of every other website, eCommerce sites also need to be search engine optimized. The process of optimizing eCommerce websites (taking into account various factors like customer behavior and trends, target customers, etc.), is known as E-commerce SEO Services. Our clients love us for what we do to their eCommerce sites, as part of our E-commerce SEO services. Apart from regular optimization work, we also optimize the page speed, along with applying the standard Schema code accepted by top search engines.

Mobile Commerce SEO Services

Mobile commerce is another word, which is as much relevant as eCommerce, in this technology driven world. Since the concept of trade and commerce being done through mobile phones has become quite common these days, m commerce sites too need that little bit of optimization, so that they can survive and thrive.Now, this is where Mobile Commerce SEO Services makes it’s importance felt, by driving in more traffic to mobile commerce sites, thereby increasing the sales and revenue of site owners! Two types of Mobile Commerce SEO Services we deal with are: Mobile Web App Optimization and Mobile Native App Optimization.

Image SEO Services

Images speak a lot…and images can be the driving force behind establishing your website as a leader among the rest. Image SEO can be handy, if you want the images in your website to be optimized for image search results of top search engines.Unlike content SEO, much effort goes into Image SEO. This is because; it takes a number of tough techniques, so that Image SEO can be implemented effectively. Digital enhancement of picture properties, image marketing, SEO oriented picture editing, picture blogging etc. are few among the large number of Image SEO services around.

Video SEO Services

If you are among those, who use videos to market their websites, then Video SEO Services is just the thing for you.Video SEO Service concentrates on garnering more and more views and likes for videos related to the website in focus, so as to drive in more traffic to the website. To put things straight, we prepare marketing videos, which are completely search engine optimized. Since these interesting videos will be visible to a large number of people in your target group, the traffic to your website will gradually shoot up to a great extent.

Content SEO Services

Optimizing content for SERP is one of the most important aspect to rank your website in the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing. Search engines love crawling the website and to understand the relevance of the Title of your webpage along with the given content. SEO Content Writing is a fine tuning between man and machine combination. You will have to impress both the man and machine. We have the best content writers in India, who would be able to provide the best SEO contents which are highly professional.

Multilingual SEO Services

Globalization has shrinked the world into a small and well connected village. Now it’s up to us to take advantage of this fact, and turn the tables in favor of your business.And the technique we use for this? Multilingual SEO Services! This technique optimizes a website, according to the language and culture of a particular region (be it in any corner of the world) in focus. Thus, with Multilingual SEO Service, the task of sampling and establishing your business in various markets around the globe becomes a piece of cake.

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Cost of affordable SEO services India

Before we sign up for a work, we tend to understand about the company in detail and the expectations towards their online presence. Like, which location (City, State, Country, etc) they wish to get ranked, for how many keywords, what product or services they promote, etc. 

Based on our prerequisite checklist, we get to understand about our SEO service pricing. 

Like cheap SEO service providers, we do not have a fixed SEO package. 

The meaning of affordable SEO services India is mostly misunderstood by a few people. When they see it as affordable, they tend to think our SEO services to be cheap in cost. 

“Almost every small and large sized business owner has a big dreams with small marketing cost”

But on reality, in order to achieve those big dreams, one should have a sufficient marketing budget set aside to achieve those dreams.

And only for those who have a sufficient marketing budget, we offer affordable SEO services in India.


Even though certain companies have a decent marketing budget, their stereotype traditional marketing mind restricts their budget for “Online Marketing Services”. And the main reason for their aversion towards SEO services are their ignorance about the power digital marketing.

This is when we get to make them understand the importance of Digital Marketing by showing some realistic digital data. 

Most of the website owners dream big with limited SEO budget in mind. They wish to make millions online, with limited investment. 

Digital Marketing is like making a successful movie. You dream big, at the same time you invest your money for all the most essential cast and crew, etc.

We being an affordable SEO services company in India, we enquire more about your requirements and its geographical location. 

Certain business needs only local SEO and certain businesses need global SEO. Certain people expect immediate Google 1st page ranking to capture their season at its best. For such kind of customers, we normally suggest them to take up Google’s Display Ads as well as SEO  services. 

Again, the cost of our affordable SEO services India would different from business to business and based based on their requirements. 


As said above in the SEO project scope, after a detailed understanding of their business and their requirements, we would be able to determine the required time for organic SEO rankings in SERP.

On an average we normally sign up for a minimum of 12 months contract on a retainer model. However, we also do provide our services based campaigns and also as a freelance SEO consultant.


There is no such fixed pricing model we have for our SEO services. In fact, that we be dubious. if we have any. 

Only cheap SEO Services India would be able to offer fixed SEO price on their website, without even understanding what to be expected.

Cost of Cheap SEO Services India

Any SEO service provider who is willing to offer their services at a cheaper cost has to be handled with caution. If you get to see a fixed SEO services price range on their website, we consider them to be amateurs  and not SEO professionals. 

Practically, it is close to impossible for any best SEO expert in India to offer a package without understanding the needs of your business. 

For example:  Let’s say that you wish to rank for a generic keyword “Dental Services” in Google front page. Well, it is possible to rank, but the workload and the time consumption will be more. And if someone promises you the ranking within 3 months or even 6 months through ethical organic SEO practice. That’s when we call it dubious. 


Any SEO company which promises SERP ranking within 3 months for any high volume keyword are considered to be Grey Hat SEO Service Providers.

They neither work on 100% White Hat method or on Black Hat method. 

In fact, Black Hat SEO is an art, it requires immense knowledge to rank the website. And just by spamming keywords doesn’t mean that they know Black Hat SEO Services. 


Anyone who is looking forward to earn some quick money tend to use Black Hat SEO services. Especially someone who wish to earn and churn their websites. 

It is unethical and Google will 100% penalize those websites. 

Because of the unethical SEO methods, your website will be short lived in Google. Meaning, your website will be penalized and in turn the ROI will be very less or none.  

Imagine if you had circulated any printed material of your business, like business cards, brochures, covers, packing material, etc, with your business website printed it. 

How would you feel when your business website is penalized. 

In any business the credibility matters the most. It would definitely affect your business and your brand image to a great extent.

When Google’s crawler found BMW website was using backhat doorway pages. Google penalized BMW website for breaching Google’s guidelines. Any by doing so, the great car manufacturer lost all their online business.

This is one simple proof that Google doesn’t spare anyone or any website with Black Hat SEO methods.

So, why should you waste your time and money in getting partnered with a cheap SEO service provide, and get hurt.

As mentioned above, gaining customer confidence especially in online market, is the key factor for any website to become pioneer. 

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