Who is Bharathi Giri?

Bharathi Giri has more than 15 years of corporate experience working in different domains such as Front Office, Customer Support, Pre-Sales, Lead Generation, Sales & Marketing, and Business Development.

He has worked in the Financial Sector, Telecom Companies, ITeS Companies and finally in Internet Marketing Agency.

He worked for Pixel Studio’s as a Business Development
Manager– one of the leading Internet Marketing Agency in South India. That’s when Bharathi Giri realized his true potential and a flare of interest for 
Digital Marketing Services, Branding Services, Content Writing Services, Advertisements, Commercials, etc.

He started his own Digital Marketing venture in 2012. Since
then he had made a strong presence in online platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Bharathi Giri is one of the best SEO expert in India. Just not in India, he is one of the best SEO experts worldwide. He is also the founder of SEOtial, deardesk, and IDEAS.

As mentioned earlier Sales & Marketing are his core forte. Especially, anything related to online marketing would be his sweet spot. 

Bharathi Giri has become an online celebrity with his sheer passion and dedication towards Internet Marketing. If there is a change in the Google algorithm, Bharathi Giri would understand and react much faster than any of his competitors.

Just not with Google, he is also best with Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

This is one of the main reasons why he is able to stand as a pioneer in the Digital Marketing Industry. 

Bharathi Giri has helped many companies like Small, Medium, and Large businesses across the globe to fulfill their online demands, presence, lead generations, sales, branding, reputation management, and whatnot.

The important reason to get associated with Bharathi Giri is, he strictly adheres to the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Bharathi Giri is all flexible to work on three business models. 

  1. Retainership
  2. Project / Campaigns
  3. Freelancer

The reason why you have reached BHARATHI GIRI is simply that you found us on the first page of Google for keywords like best digital marketing expert in India or best SEO expert in India or top social media expert in India, etc.

He is a digital marketing expert not only in India, but also in the United States, Canada, and UK.

Apart from digital marketing, we have helped a lot of clients in Branding Services, TV Commercials, YouTube Commercials, Content Writing, Online Reputation Management, etc.

The quality of our services defines Bharathi Giri!

And if that hasn’t completely answered the question “Who is Bharathi Giri?”, then here is the answer: Bharathi Giri is a professionally sound digital marketing expert in India and the United States, where he excels in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Google Ads, Pay Per Click (PPC), Online Reputation Management, Lead Generation, Sales & Marketing, Branding & Promotions, etc.

The wide range of services offered by him is “not” cost-effective, but affordable. The reason being, there is always a premium when you choose the best in that particular industry. Be it the best movie star, best hotel, best flight, the best education, etc. Everything comes with a premium.

If you are a person or a company, who doesn’t compromise on the quality of the end result, we are sure that Bharathi Giri would be the best digital marketing partner you can associate with.

He is trustworthy and tangible according to the whims of our clients. With a big team comprising of experts from the industry, we have managed to grow into a fully-fledged firm, in a short period of time; thanks to our expertise, experience, and dedication.

We offer a long list of services, which will definitely help your business get established and scale the heights of popularity, in the online world.

Though SEOtial was recently founded in the year 2015, we still managed to be competing with the leading SEO companies in India & United States. And that’s true! If not why would we rank on the front page of Google along with the other leading SEO companies in the world?

We are currently handling only 45 key accounts on a monthly basis, where we do have the resources to handle more than 100 accounts per month. Meaning, we focus on the quality of work, than the quantity of the customers.  We prefer a slow and steady growth than to become an overnight millionaire (Well that’s the black hat SEO!).

Be it Hospitality, Education, Health, Legal, Jewelry, Boutiques, Consulting, Engineering, Finance, Insurance, Telecom, etc, he would be able to offer you the best services in terms of branding as well as lead generation.

Remember: We are not the cheapest in the market in terms of pricing. But, we can offer you the best services. Would you not be happy to increase your sales by another 20-30% consistently round the year?

Why would a website owner like you choose our services over those offered by millions of other digital media and marketing firms out there?

The answer is simple: The amount of professionalism and dedication we put in. And that coupled with a spotless track record, dotted with countless happy smiles! Well, you won’t need another reason to shake hands with our team!

Our team comprises of highly experienced professionals, who are gifted with the ‘golden touch’. Their expertise has always been a boon for our esteemed clients.

Apart from that, our services are tailor-made, according to the requirements of each individual client. We also ensure that our services don’t burn that big black hole in your pocket.

Then there’s beginning to end support, high level of efficiency, 24/7 response for client queries, etc, and all of these make us special. And with all that said “trust,” your website is in good hands!

The SEO price depends upon your business/products, keyword competition, and the geography which you would like to cover. Honestly, to our understanding, no SEO consultant in the United States or India would be able to provide you with a pre-determined price package. If anyone does, then its utter stupidity.

For Example, ranking on the front page of Google for the generic keyword “SEO” is a herculean task and the cost to rank it will be sky-high.

Whereas, SEO Expert in India would be a bit cheaper. And, SEO Expert in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, would be far cheaper. The more narrow down, it is easier to rank as well the charges would be less.

Well, honestly, you found us through organic search results and not through Google’s PPC campaign. If you had found us through PPC, then calling ourselves an SEO expert in India would be utter stupidity.

However, based on your requirements, we would be able to suggest to you which would best fit your immediate needs.

For most of the customers, almost 80% of the clients prefer to have more customers and more sales. That’s exactly what we give them. We tailor-make a project based on your requirements and execute them accordingly.

The other 20% of our clients are much interested in branding. And they do allocate a marketing budget for branding.

Digital Marketing Reviews
Robert Stuart
Director | Logistics | Georgia
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Bharathi Giri is a very professional digital marketer. With his help, we have increased our ROI way beyond our imagination. If you are looking for SEO & Social Media Marketing - Bharathi Giri and his Company SEOtial would be the best fit!
Dev Dutt
Director - Sales | Automobiles Delhi
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Excellent work by Bharathi Giri and his team! Our conversions through digital marketing platforms, especially through Facebook has reached way beyond our expectations. Now, Bharathi Giri has become our associated partner for digital marketing.
Brenda George
Proprietor | EStore | New York
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Bharathi Giri is the best digital marketer I have ever worked with. It is always a pleasure to outsource all our digital marketing works to SEOtial.
Guru Das
VP - Sales & Marketing | Hospitality | India
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Bharathi Giri is the best in the digital marketing industry. Special thanks to his Project Manager - Neha & Team. You guys are awesome. Very professional and timebound. I am looking forward to getting associated with you guys ASAP 🙂
David Smiles
Amazon Affiliate | UK
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I will partner with Bharathi Giri as long as he doesn't affiliate with Amazon and become my competitor 😉 You guys rock. I never expected such an hike in my Amazon sales right from the day 1. Wow! I have also outsource the backend process to them. Cheers mate!!

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